Pitztal Mountain Guides


The Pitztal valley is a small, but beautiful climbing spot where you mostly find solid primary rock and some rewarding alpine climbing routes. In particular the alpine climbing routes at the Watzespitze have a good standing among climbers. The east ridge (IV-) is considered to be one of the most beautiful climbing ridges far and wide.

 We also recommend our climbing courses where we teach both sport climbing and alpine climbing.

Pitztal classics

east ridge

The highest peak of the wild Kaunergrat mountain range (3.533 m) offers a real alpine classic route. Moderate difficulties (UIAA IV-) via the east ridge. Overnight stay at the Kaunergrat hut.

580,00 €

east ridge

An easy to reach climb close tot he Kaunergrat hut. The east ridge has difficulties of UIAA III-IV. Overnight stay at the Kaunergrat hut.

480,00 €

normal route

Nice climb to the Verpeilsitze (3.423 m) with some sections in grade UIAA II. Overnight stay at the Kaunergrat hut.

ab 480,00 €

more climbing ACTIVITIES

  • climbing height approx. 250 vertical metres, around 9 pitches
  • level of difficulty (UIAA): V
  • climbing time: 4 h
  • climbing height: approx. 150 vertical metres, 4 pitches
  • level of difficulty (UIAA): III, one point is IV
  • climbing time: 2,5 h
  • climbing height: approx. 512 vertical metres
  • level of difficulty (UIAA): IV obligat /V-
  • climbing time: 5-7 h
  • climbing height: approx. 350 vertical metres, 11 pitches
  • level of difficulty (UIAA): III+
  • climbing time: approx. 5 h

Long climb of one of the longest primary rock ridges in Tirol.

  • climbing height: approx. 600 vertical metres
  • level of difficulty (UIAA): V-
  • climbing time: approx. 7 h
  • price: € 600,- for 1 person
  • climbing height: approx. 300 vertical metres
  • level of difficulty (UIAA): III
  • climbing time: approx. 7 h
  • price: € 580,00 for 1 person

multi-day tours & climbing courses


On the way in the wild Kaunergrat mountain range. We climb the Parstleswand and the Verpeilspitze

from 620,00 €

alpine climbing course
Kaunergrat hut

Belaying techniques, belaying points and much more. Get the knowledge of alpine climbing!

450,00 €

climbing course for beginners

Sport climbing course for beginners in the Pitztal. We practice on the rocks close to the cosy Gletscherstube hut or in Stillebach.

ab 120,00 €