Alpine climbing course Kaunergrat hut

24.08. - 27.08.2023

Get out ouf the indoor climbing park and into real rock climbing! In our alpine climbing course you learn, how to climb multi-pitch routes. We teach you how to build belaying points and how to do the correct rope and belaying techniques.

Our basecamp is the beautiful Kaunergrat hut at 2.817 m above sea level. The hut is our second home in the wild Kaunergrat mountain range. Here we know every rock by its name and know where to find the best routes for our purposes.

The goal of this climbing course is to teach you the basics so that you are able to climb a multi-pitch route independently with your partner and supervised by the mountain guide.


€ 450,00

Preis is per person with a minimum of 4 participants

course highlights


Day 1: Thursday
Meeting at 10:00 am at the mountain guide office in Mandarfen. Then ascent to the Kaunergrat hut.
In the afternoon: Knots, how to walk in pathless terrain 

Day 2: Friday
Training day in the nearby rock climbing garden; climbing training, belaying points, rope commands, climbing basics for multi-pitch routes

Day 3: Saturday
First multi-pitch route in the area around the Kaunergrat hut

Tag 4: Sonntag
Final climb; for example at the Watzespitze east face. In the afternoon we go back to the valley to Plangeross.

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