Ski tour

The ski tour to the Kreuzjoch is an ideal beginner tour. First in the woods, then traversing beautiful mountain farms to the Rosskopf which is 2,319 metres above sea level. “Rosskopf” is the original name of the summit whilst the locals call it “Kreuzjoch” which is the name of the col next to the summit.

Nevertheless, the panoramic view to the Geigenkamm at the other side of the valley or the majestic Rofele Wand ist just amazing.


€ 450,00

Price applies for 1-2 persons. Each additional person +10%. 



We start at Scheibe, a small hamlet in St. Leonhard. First, we follow the forest path up to the Arzler Alm mountain pasture at 1,900 m (closed in winter). Now, the forest thins and we climb up to a plateau called “die Sümpfe”. The route turns northwest and soon we reach the summit at 2,319 metres.

We ski down the same way.

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