Alpine Tour

The Hintere Brochkogel is a little bit overshadowed by its prominent neighbour, the Wildspitze. Nevertheless it’s absolutely worth climbing on this mountain in our opinion. With an altitude of 3635 m above sea level it is the sixth highest peak in Austria and the second highest which stands entirely in Tirol. Furthermore, the normal route via the southeast ridge offers persistent climbing in the climbing grade II (UIAA).


€ 470,00

Price applies for 1-2 persons. Each additional person +10%. 



We take the Gletscherexpress underground for conquering the first 1,000m of altitude gain up to an altitude of 2,840m. From there we continue by foot across a pathless terrain of moraines, to the Mittelberg glacier and to the Mittelbergjoch (3,166m).

A brief descent (90 m of altitude loss) to the Taschach glacier follows. We continue as a roped team to tackle the next 500m of altitude gain across simple terrain to the entry of the southeast ridge. Now we have to climb the southeast ridge which has some exposed sections and requires climbing in grade II (UIAA).

We take the same route back and return back to the valley with the Gletscherexpress.

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