Crevasse Rescue

11.08. - 13.08.2023

In this compact mountaineering course the focus is on crevasse rescue training. How to build up a solid belaying point in the snow or ice? How does the loose pulley work which enables me to get a companion out of a crevasse in case of an emergency? This is what we practice on the three-day weekend course an the Braunschweiger hut.


€ 380,00

Price per person in case of at least 4 participants



Day 1: Friday
Meeting at 11:00 am at the mountain guide office in Mandarfen; equipment check; ascent to the Braunschweiger hut. In the afternoon: orientation, mountainnering equipment, prusik knot technique

Day 2: Saturday
All-day training day on the glacier: ways to rope up, loose pulley, swiss pulley

Day 3: Sunday
Half-day training on the glacier: belaying points int he ice, walking technique with crampons. In the afternoon: descent to the valley

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